Webinar Program

Brexit – 1 Month onImport
Rules of Origin
High Level – Impact on SME’s
General9th FebruaryWatch
Import/Export – A Practical ViewImport – New declarations
Export _ New Procedures
Compliance – EORI/Licences etc.
Why use a freight forwarder?
Trevor ScottLogistics11th FebruaryWatch
Manufacturing - Making a DifferenceRules of Origin
CE Marks
Dual Use/Commodity Codes
New Markets
Manufacturing16th FebruaryWatch
Movement of People – the life blood of our businessNew Immigration Rules
Employee Status
Working in the EU
Sending Workers to the EU
Diane CollinsHR18th FebruaryWatch

Brief Webinar Synopsis:

Brexit  – One Month On.

A look at the headlines of the deal agreed on the 24th December 2020 and how this has impacted business so far, from the one man band trading on Amazon to the larger importers and exporters in our region.

Import/Export – A Practical View.

An in-depth view of the direct impact of the changes on the processes importers and exporters now have to follow to be compliant and continue to trade successfully with the EU.

Our guest speaker, Trevor Scott, will give an interesting and inciteful perspective from the logistics sector.

Manufacturing – Making a Difference.

This webinar will deal with the key topics pertinent to manufacturers of goods and who are or wish trade in the EU. We hope to open debate on the potential for new markets and growth opportunities.

Our guest contributors will give a practical perspective and be able to share some of their experiences so far.

Movement of People – the life blood of our business

As the key resource to all our businesses this webinar deals with the status of your team and how the new immigration rules impact the ability of businesses to recruit talent from across Europe.

We also look at our individual ability to work within the EU and the restrictions imposed on our workforce should they need to be deployed in the EU.

Our guest speaker, Diana Collins and experienced HR professional, will provide a practical view of how you as a business can face the challenges presented.

Data – the source of all sales

Data is the source of everything we do in business but how it is handled is subject to strict regulation. In this webinar we discuss compliance with the new regime and look to open discussions to understand the experiences of those around the table. Our guest speaker, John Moorhouse has a wealth f knowledge in the data compliance and management sector and will be able to give an expert perspective.

 Financial Services and Exchange

Financial services whilst being the largest contributor to GDP in the UK, has been probably the least spoken about during negotiations towards the deal.

We have a look at the impact of the deal and what is still to be agreed but also the impact on businesses trading on foreign currency across the EU.

We have contributions from Mike Partridge and Nick Brown both experienced professionals in the financial sector.

Opportunity Knocks

What is next?

Our expert contributors will open the debate on future opportunities and new markets in Europe and within the UK.

Now is the time to grow and move forward but what strategies can we use and what will work?

It is time to be creative!