What an interesting week – we spent time with Trevor Scott Managing Director of Simarco International Ltd learning about the impact of Brexit on the logistics sector and talked to several businesses from a small micro business to a large SME turning over £10m.

What was common with all of them was that they had become confused and frustrated with the information currently available with little of it being clearly applicable to their business. I am glad to say that’s where we have stepped in and helped. But this is not untypical so we hope more businesses will contact us for help.

Our webinars start on the 9th of Feb with a look at the, Free trade agreement (FTA) and a brief look at how it may affect you – our webinars are different, however, and numbers permitting we want to open the floor up for some discussion and sharing of issues faced and how they have been resolved – so be ready to join in and share.

I am passionate about businesses sharing their problems and how they have resolved them as I truly believe it will make our business community stronger. Essex is the gateway to Europe and becoming ever more important so a strong business community working together will be ready to make the most of the opportunities that will inevitably arise  – Business, Brexit and Beyond…we look forward to you joining the conversation.